Board of Directors

Pinellas Soccer Officials Association (PSOA) is a non-profit organization led by an elected board of directors. All sitting members are unpaid and donate their time to the organization to ensure it runs smoothly, is financially solvent, and provides the level of access and training to its members that FHSAA requires.

Board members encourage all association members who have questions or concerns to contact them. We strive to address all issues our officials face, as well as maintain transparency in all board operations.

Richard Berthelot

President (2021/22-2022/23)

(727) 642-5448

Michael Bishop

treasurer (2021/22-2023/24)

Matt Meyer

member at large (2022/23-2024/25)

Alex Melvin

Vice-President (2021/22-2022/23)

(262) 352-4487

Peter Cundiff

member at large (2020/21-2022/23)

Dave Peterson


(727) 265-1733

Berk Gumus

secretary (2021/22-2022/23)

Christine Santana

member at large (2021/22-2023/24)